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Black Wall Clock – 5 Types to Go For

Black wall clock is a unique type of wall clock that can lend a touch of class and sophistication to any type of wall. These can complement most types of home decor and are found in traditional as well as contemporary variations. Find out about 5 of the various types of black clocks that you can go for.

Scandinavian Design Wall Clocks

These are made by London Clock Company, a noted UK brand that is known for producing high quality timepieces with style and sophistication. These are based on the 1950s Scandinavian Design Movement, and are marked by functionality, simplicity and modernism. This kind of black wall clock has a matte white and crisp finish combined with solid wood, which offers tactility and warmth. These are powered by a Japanese energy efficient system. These are aesthetic clocks that can be a fantastic addition to your interior decor.

Glass Pendulum Wall Clocks

These standard pendulum wall clocks are stunning in design and are contemporary in style. This type of timekeeper is a blend of contemporary and traditional designs. If you want a little bit of modern flair in your room along with a touch of the traditional, you will love this timepiece. It is made out of glass and comes with mirrored markers along with an extremely sophisticated pendulum that has a metal construction. The clock movement used here is very superior.

Central Railway Station Wall Clocks

Who is not familiar with the wall clocks in the Central Railway Station? These clocks are styled like those, although better in design. These timekeepers have a frame made of black metal and the glass clock face has Roman numbers in gold atop the glass. These are handcrafted clocks, and you can see some weld marks and paint imperfections here. There are small denominations beneath the glass in the clock dial, which makes it convenient for you to know the accurate time. These clocks can suit French, vintage, industrial and modern styles of decor. The clocks draw power from just one AA battery.

Black Marble Style Wall Clocks

These are fashionable yet practical clocks that come in black plastic styled like marble. The clocks can easily be seen from across the room due to contrast clock hands and large numbers, and can add character and depth to indoor decor. The black wall clock has a glass face, and the use of plastic ensures a lightweight construction. These have a hanging bracket at the back, which means that you can hang it on a small hook on the wall. These timepieces draw power from a single AA battery.

Newgate Wall Clocks

A famous British clock manufacturer brand, Newgate Clocks has been making noises since 1991. You can get oversized wall clocks, most of which are styled in the fashion of modern railways station clocks. These have distressed clock faces that allow a more vintage feel. It is possible to get black wall clock of this type in various styles, such as Bubble and Bullit wall clock styles.

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