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Advantages of having a Resin Toilet Seat

Would you like to replace the old toilet seat in your toilet or bathroom? You probably think like this: “Toilet seat is a universal product. Finding a good one and replacing it should not be a challenge at all.” You will simply go to the nearest store, buy the first one you come across and solve the problem … or not?

If you are a perfectionist, if you love arranging your bathroom and toilet and if you are keen on paying attention to details in interior design, even when it comes to your toilet, you will definitely make a research about new materials toilet seats are made of and different options available in the market.

Have you heard of resin toilet seat models? WC seats can be made of duroplast, thermo-plastic, wood or resin, while the hinges can be made of plastic or metal, inox or chrome. Today, we will focus on the features and advantages of resin toilet seat models.

Square Slow Close Toilet Seat Cover

Why are resin toilet seat models so popular?

The method of production of resin is specific and the final product achieves a level of gloss similar to ceramics. Since it is a plastic of exceptional hardness, it is highly resistant to scratches and damage. Furthermore, the color of the resin toilet seat is stable and not flammable. The main features and advantages of this material are:

  1. Transparency,
  2. Firmness,
  3. Durability,
  4. Hygienic nature (easy to clean),
  5. Stain-resistant,
  6. Endless possibilities of color and pattern choice.

Red Luxury Fancy Decorative Glitter Oval

Due to a unique way of production and resin material characteristics, the resin toilet seats have a transparent appearance. This makes them suitable for a vast variety of design modelling, including inserting images according to your wish, for example very popular seashell motifs, different levels of color which resembles color mixing effect, inserting decorative wires, tiny colorful stones, etc. New models in the market are enriched with elegant, subtle, but still attractive and classy glitters. People mostly choose resin toilet seat models with glitter in white, grey, gold and black color.

Prices on the market vary from as low as 20 USD (for cheaper, less unique models), up to 130 USD for designer models with extra safety features. Prices of models with slow descent are around 80 – 110 USD, but having this feature is a great advantage.

Bathroom Blue Seashell Resin Toilet Seat

What about the hinges?

Resin toilet seats are well-combined with metal hinges and fixings. There is no risk of damage of any of these two materials when professionally combined and cleaned with usual toilet cleaning and hygiene products. As cleaning of resin is very easy and the material itself is stain-resistant, you will not have any problems when it comes to maintenance of the seat.

In conclusion, toilet seats made of resin are a good choice if you want to add an interesting detail to your bathroom or toilet. The durability, stain-resistance and transparent nature of this material make it an irreplaceable part of a modern, unique toilet.

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