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6 Tips to Buy the Best Vintage Wall Clocks

Have you been searching for the perfect Vintage Wall Clocks to match the rest of the decor? Then, there are some fact you ought to know about the attributes of a good clock before you spend your precious money. Here are some useful tips to buy the best clocks:

What attributes to look for in good quality vintage wall clocks?

There are some key attributes of clocks that make them stand apart from ordinary clocks and make them classy. They are:

  1. Dial -If there are additional holes in the dial then it was probably a part of another clock. Since you want a good antique clock you must check that there are no extra holes that don’t seem to serve a purpose.
  2. Mask and glass – Also called the casing, if you notice that the mask doesn’t fit the dial snugly, it is obviously not the original one.
  3. Size – The earlier clocks had 10-11 inches dials. The later ones, for example from the 18th century onwards vintage wall clocks, have had progressively small dials. So the larger the dial face, the older is the antique wall clock.
  4. Paint – Usually, painted or enameled wall clocks have more decorative features and are consequently more expensive. In the case of original antique clocks, some of the paint may have chipped in places. If you find layer over layer of different paints then it’s best to look for another piece.
  5. Age – The date of the movement must match the age of the cabinet. For example, oak cabinets for clocks were made from the 17th to the 19th century. Walnut and mahogany cases were specific to the 18th century. They had different finishes and styles so your choice will depend on what kind of look you want.
  6. Decor – To a large extent, the rest of the decor in your home will affect your choice of the vintage wall clocks. You have to consider some questions like how ornate or decorative the clocks need to be, do they clash with the period-furniture you have, does the wooden case match the rest of the furniture, etc.


Benefits of buying vintage wall clocks

There are many advantages to buying antique wall clocks for your home instead of modern and contemporary ones. They include:

Aesthetics: It is not just a functional item. It becomes a decorative piece and enhances the look of the wall and the entire room. It adds a touch of panache to the room, irrespective of whether you have simplistic furniture or antique pieces.

Combination: The vintage wall clocks in different rooms can be mixed and matched with mantelpiece clocks, table timepieces, and other decorative pieces to give the rooms a classy and period-piece kind of appearance.

To sum up, there is nothing more interesting than combining functionality with aesthetics. When you invest in the top-quality vintage wall clocks or timepieces, then they add a touch of class to the rooms and act as decorative pieces on the walls.

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