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Stainless Steel Towel Rack Placement

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has the intent of practicing equality amongst every citizen in the country. They aim to give equal access to public amenities for every disabled person in America. All the bathroom accessories, for instance a stainless steel towel rack, have different guidelines for installation. This makes it very easy to access the said accessories especially if the individual in the bathroom is using a wheelchair. The towel racks are made out of stainless steel because it is a un-stain metal. The steel used in making the towel racks cannot rust. It is very smooth and light to hold. It cannot injure anyone and it is considered one of the safest metals on earth.

Forward accessibility of the stainless steel towel rack

The ADA organization has instructed that the maximum height for the rack should be 47 to 49 inches from the floor of the bathroom. This is mostly meant for people who can only get to the stainless steel shower rack from the front. If there is a presence of an obstruction in the room for example a counter or a bench, the maximum height will be 44 inches. This is if the obstruction is more than 20 inches deep. It is also recommended that if the users of the bathroom are people living with disabilities, then the amount of the obstructions in the room should be minimized to a manageable number. This will allow then to access the room without any hindrances. It also means they can use the bathrooms without asking for help from the people around them.

Side accessibility of the towel rack

GOLD Double modern Towel Bars
GOLD Double modern Towel Bars

Some people use wheelchair. This means that they can only get to the the stainless steel towel rack by moving their wheelchairs parallel to the racks. This is the side access of the racks holding the towels. The maximum height allowed for such a rack should not be more than 54 inches from the ground. As in most cases, some kind of obstruction might be found in the room. If so, the authorized height of the towel rack will be 46 inches from the bathroom floor.

Mistakes to avoid when placing a towel rack

Do not use a rack that is too low. Your towels will be dragging on the bathroom floor and a lot of germs and bacteria will be picked.

Do not place your towel rack so high. It might prove challenging to remove and re-place the towels after use.

Suction Cup Towel Rack
Double Towel Rack Black

Avoid putting up a stainless steel towel rack at any height. Follow the guideline given to the contractors and builders by the ADA for good results. But sometimes it is recommended to use a height that is dependent on the bathroom layout and the people using it.

Remember to leave a 4 inch gap between stainless steel towel rack and the bathroom switches or other outlets. Electric switches are necessarily put far from water area in the bathroom. That means that your towels should be far from the source of electricity.

In conclusion, using a stainless steel towel rack not only adds to the aesthetic effect of your bathroom but also ensure longer life for your rack. Other metals will rust but not steel and this means you will save on the money used to replace the racks every once in a while. Steel towel racks help a lot of disabled people to be independent and empowered.

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