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Handicap Toilet Grab Bars offer Invaluable Help

The human body is one of the best creations, yet it is not all perfect. There are defects due to various reasons such as disease, accident, or age, that hinders even simple movements. This arises the need to look for assistance even to reach the toilet or to get out of it. A bathroom is the only place that people look for privacy and having handicap toilet grab bars installed is the ideal solution. There is no need for a person to be disabled or handicap to get these toilet grab bars installed.

Folding Stainless Steel Grab Bars
Folding Stainless Steel Grab Bars

Who Needs It?

There are several reasons that someone needs handicap toilet grab bars installation.

  • The aging body is a common reason.
  • Another complaint is arthritis that comes with age. The toilet grab bars help in getting off easier. The grab bar takes off the weight of a person from their knees, allowing to sit or rise.
  • Even due to obesity people experience difficulty in sitting down or standing.
  • People suffering from back pain or temporary conditions such as broken bone or late pregnancy also find visiting the bathroom troublesome and the toilet grab bars offer invaluable help in such situations.

The toilet grab bars are available in many forms. They come as simple bars attached next to the toilet. Some are complicated that providing a bar on each side is helpful. The ADA has stated to install grab bars in public restrooms.

People with disabilities need help and some require the help of another person. Everyone prefers to stay alone in the bathroom. Installing handicap toilet grab bars restores privacy and independence in homes.

Placement of Toilet Grab Bars

There are multiple options that add to the grab bars stability and this may be directly or around the toilet area. Placing grab bars in a toilet is recommended:

  • In case the toilet has both sides or one sidewall to facilitate easy installation. Installing modern U-shaped bars, the flip-up version or the standard solid bars, anything is acceptable.
  • In case the toilet lacks a wall that is close enough, attach the grab bar to the toilet frame.
  • The unconventional is using a Security Pole. It is tension mounted pole, that is ideal for rental properties and apartments.

Toilet Grab Bars Types

Grab Bars For Bathroom
Grab Bars For Bathroom

The handicap toilet grab bars are found in different types. They include:

  • The Wave grab bars have a wave design that is easier to grab and facilitates comfortable holding on to.
  • The Flip grab bars are in u-shape. It is ideal for small bathrooms and tight spaces.
  • Tension Rods are the grab bars that are easy to be placed in the home anywhere. It can be placed by the toilet. The tension rod is mounted from the floor to the ceiling and is a large handle.
  • Corner Bars are long grab bars suitable to take a walk while showering and is suitable for bathtubs.
  • Integrated Bars are the cool type of toilet grab bars. They are integrated literally with another item such as toilet paper holders, handheld showerheads, shower faucets, towel racks, etc. It mostly comes as two in one product.

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